Acting Schools:
How to Choose the Best Acting School for You

Not all acting schools are the same, and nowadays they can be VERY specialized: from stage acting schools, to film acting schools, to commercial acting schools, to voice acting schools -- you've gotta know EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Acting School is not just the first step in pursuing a career in acting -- it can be the MOST IMPORTANT step. Many great actors credit their acting school as providing the confidence and experience that propels them into successful careers.

Nowadays, acting schools can be very specialized. And, so one of the fist things you need to decide is, are you looking for just some general knowledge, and a basic skill set of performance techniques. Or, are you looking for something HIGHLY specialized, because you already know where your passion is leading you.

There are a lot of acting schools out there. You should take your time and find the school that is PERFECT for exactly the acting platform you are MOST interested in: Stage, Musical Theater, Improv, Comedy, Film/TV, Voice Acting, Commercials, and on and on.

Here's just a few different types of Acting Schools, and Specialized Acting Schools. We're beginning with one piece of advice per category, just to get you started. Check Back Often as we will be adding more tips and categories all the time.

Acting Schools Overview

*Please note, we are NOT talking about 4 year accredited acting universities here OR brief acting workshops or seminars. If you are looking for either of those please click the appropriate big blue link below.

Acting Schools can be very tightly focused on a very specific acting platform, such as: improvisation, stand-up comedy, musical theatre, film acting, commercial acting, and so on. You might want to consider taking some introductory acting classes at several different schools in order to find where your real passions lie, and if the school fits what you expect in terms of intensity and professional focus.

Professional Acting Schools Tip of the Day: Saturday September 25, 2021

If you are trying to memorize something complicated, do it aloud, not silently. If you are somewhere where you can't speak aloud, at least move your lips or whisper -- that way your brain won't memorize the material at a rate faster than you can speak.

Some acting schools offer a year-round program progressing from beginner to advanced levels, with separate divisions for adults and child/teen actors.

Other acting schools are attached to a professional acting company, such as a regional theatre.

The Best Acting School for You is not necessarily the most expensive, or elite, or where "All the Best Actors Study."It's the school where you will grow the most and gain the most experience acting.

Acting Schools for Adults

Tip #1: It's very important to find out exactly what the curriculum contains, and how intense the program is. You should also feel comfortable with the experience level of the other actors in the class. In general, you should want a class that only contains adults, so that content and intensity does not have to be reduced for any teens/kids. If you are looking for some instruction in tv/film acting, you need to ask -- most general acting school programs are geared toward stage acting.

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Acting Schools for Teens and Children

Tip #1: As above, it's very important to find out exactly what the curriculum contains, and how intense the program is. Most acting programs for younger performers are organized by age, so that the content, style, and intensity of the class is appropriate. Again, make sure if you are looking for some instruction in on-camera acting, improvisation, etc. that the syllabus actually contains it.

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We will be adding much more info on Acting Auditions over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back often.

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