Voice Over Actors:
How to become a professional Voice Actor. Voice Actors are one of the most in-demand and sought after categories of ALL working actors

You might think that any pro actor could find work doing voice-overs in their 'spare time'. Truth is, voice actors who work all the time have a finely-tuned set of skills that truly sets them apart.

There are huge new emerging markets for skilled professional voice actors. The surge in successful animated film and tv projects, both features and shorts, has created a ton of new demand for experienced voice-over talent.

Even if you are an experienced professional actor, the skill set and tradecraft for voice actors is unique. Our recommendation is that you immediately look into finding some professional voice over training.

Voice-Over Acting requires a lot of specialized & technical training, in everything from knowing how to 'play the microphone' to knowing how to give a 'well modulated' performance that doesn't require the engineer to constantly ride your volume fader.

Many Voice Actors now have their own inexpensive mini-studios at home. This gives them a tactical advantage in that producers and ad agencies can get almost immediate voice-over content for their web ads, product blogs, YouTube channels, and other new media platforms.

If you are looking for some quick voice-over experience, consider volunteering your talents for animation classes held at your local university or junior college.

Voice Acting Tip of the Day: Saturday September 25, 2021

Be sure your Actor's Bag includes a pencil. You should not mark any script or side in pen, since directions, blocking, and cues are likely to change.

Voice Acting Advice: Here are a few Quick Tips to get you on the road to becoming a voice actor:

If you are a true voice acting beginner, start by recording and listening to yourself reading some brief scenes or monologues. It is very important that you get accustomed to hearing your own voice so that it becomes second-nature, and be able to make subtle adjustments to your tone, pacing, and pitch on your own. Try a variety of scenes, monologues, and especially commercials.

How to Become a Voice Actor

Don't worry right now about any vocal imperfections you might hear (sibilance, nasality, softness, etc.) -- just get used to recording and hearing yourself over and over. If you are using your phone to record, be sure to listen back not only through your earbuds or headphones, but also through the phone's built-in speaker.

Do not shoot video of yourself, if using a camera just point it at a blank wall or the floor. You do not want to be distracted by anything about your physical performance at this time, just listen to your voice.

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