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Acting Auditions:
How to Prepare for Professional Stage, Musical Theater, TV/Film, Commercial, & New Media Acting Auditions

It would be great if there was just one way to audition for all the pro acting platforms, from stage to new media -- unfortunately, they are ALL different.

Auditions are the protected gateway to a vast majority of all professional acting opportunities. There are some great actors out there that nobody will ever see because they don't know HOW to audition.

Knowing How to Audition is part talent, part technique, and part politics.

Fortunately, acting audition skills can be learned. And, a working actor knows that it is just as important to master their audition skills and techniques, as it is to master their on-stage or on-camera acting techniques.

An Audition is NOT just a brief performance, it is a collection of learned and highly practiced social, political, and technical performance skills.

What follows is a single piece of audition advice for each of the acting platforms. Check back often as we will be adding more tips all the time.

Stage Acting Auditions:

Stage Acting Audition Tip #1: The primary attribute the auditioners will be looking for is your ability to 'fill the hall' with your presence. 'Stage Presence' is not just nice to have, it's a requirement.

Musical Theater Auditions:

Musical Theater Audition Tip #1: Musical precision and dynamic range underlies each casting decision, for every part in the show, singers, dancers, and actors.

How to Find Acting Auditions

Voice Acting Auditions:

Voice Acting Audition Tip #1: Many directors for animated features and short animated films close their eyes during auditions. They are actually overlaying the character drawing they have in their mind with the character qualities in your vocal performance.


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Voice Over Commercial Auditions:

Voice Over Commercial Audition Tip #1: Many voice overs are cast by the ad agency, and they are looking not only for great character abilities, but also for vocal uniqueness, precision and the ability to immediately modify your performance for time.

On-Camera TV/Film Acting Auditions:

On-Camera TV/Film Acting Audition Tip #1: Make sure you understand and have practiced camera performance techniques, and be sure to find out where the framing of the shot will be and how you will be miked for the audition.

On-Camera Commercial Acting Auditions:

On-Camera Commercial Acting Audition Tip #1: Your headshot is the most important part of your audition. Most actors are eliminated because of how they look in their headshot. Make sure yours is great. And remember, there's a reason why commercial directors call the product the hero.

How to Audition Tip of the Day: Monday August 08, 2022

Be sure you know how to communicate in the language of acting. Don't just memorize a list of industry words, learn by doing. Community Theater offers a great training grounds to learn the lingo and get some real acting experience for actors of all ages.

New Media (YouTube, etc.) Acting Auditions:

New Media Audition Tip #1: This a very valuable tool for all on-camera auditions: Make sure you have a cool acting reel, showing you in quick snippets in a variety of different scenes.

We will be adding much more info on Acting Auditions over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back often.

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