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How to Choose the Best Acting Workshop or Seminar

Professional Acting Workshops & Seminars have become very specialized: from stage combat classes, to on-camera acting programs, to commercial acting workshops, to voice acting seminars -- here's some advice on what to look for.

Most acting workshops are divided by acting specialization, and then by age and experience level. So, take your time looking, and be sure to check for online reviews.

The Best Acting Workshop for you is the one where where you will grow the most as an actor -- where you will feel comfortable and confident, and where you will get the most possible opportunities to perform.

Professional Acting Workshops are totally different from Acting Seminars.

An Acting Workshop is usually held for at least a few weeks in length, and can meet once or twice a week for about 1-2 hours. Sometimes also called Acting Classes, these programs are usually taught by a professional actor who has experience in the acting specialization of the workshop. For instance, a pro Voice Acting or Voice-Over Workshop should be instructed by a working voice over actor. In an acting workshop, you should expect to be performing at almost every class.

There are a lot of pro acting workshops and seminars out there. You should take your time and find the program that is best matched to the age, experience level, and acting specialization you are most interested in.


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By comparison, an Acting Seminar is many times conducted by a 'well-known' actor or director. Acting Seminars are usually shorter in duration, sometimes just over a weekend, and many times involve a lot more attendees. There is also usually less chance for performance experience during a seminar, simply because there are a lot more actors there.

Acting Workshops

*Please note, we are NOT talking about 4 year accredited acting universities here OR Acting Schools. If you are looking for either of those please click the appropriate big blue link below.

The Best Acting Workshops can be very keenly focused on a very specific acting platform, such as: stage acting, improv, stand-up comedy, musical theatre, auditioning, on-camera acting for TV and Film, commercial acting, and so on.

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Some acting workshops offer a progression of classes from beginner to advanced levels, almost always with separate divisions for adults and child/teen actors.

Some workshops can be sponsored by a professional acting company, such as an equity theatre.

Best Acting Workshops for Stage, TV, Film, & Commercial Actors

Acting Workshops and Seminars for Adults

Tip #1: It's very important to find out exactly what the workshop or seminar contains, how much acting experience will be asked in class, and how intense the instruction will be. You should also feel comfortable with the experience level of the other actors in the workshop, as well as the professional experience and background of the workshop instructor.

Acting Workshops & Classes for Children & Teens

Tip #1: As mentioned above, it's very important to find out exactly what the content of the workshop covers, how intense the program is, how much performance is required in class, and the professional background and experience of the instructor. Most acting workshops for younger performers are organized by age, so that the content, style, and intensity of the acting program is optimized for younger performers.

If you are considering a Professional Acting Seminar for a younger actor, make sure the program is geared toward younger actors, and that the young performer would be okay with attending an all-day or all-weekend seminar.

We will be adding much more info on Acting Workshops and Seminars over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back often.

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